Wednesday, April 7, 2010

List of Writing Tips

From all the how-to-write stories I've read, I've found a few really good pieces of advice that I've found interesting - even when I ignore it.

Build a Writing Schedule and Keep To It. Yeah, maybe. Sometimes. In a rough sort of daily way. It's not that I don't know that I should do this, or that I think that I can't, and more that so far I just haven't been motivated enough to give myself deadlines and time limits.

Set up a Writing Space. Honestly, when I'm writing or editing, the world around me has to struggle to keep my attention - not the other way around. Still, if I didn't have such an ADHD fixation ability, I'd probably need to do this.

Make the reader a sensory participant. This is beautifully worded by Stephen King, I think. I try. I really do. I love sensory maps. I love envisioning places. I want to transport the reader away from their living rooms because I want to be transported as well.

Visualize your scenes to describe them better. I keep planning to. I'll let you know when I end up doing this.

Kill cliches. Or rather selectively prune them - use cliches only when their position as a cliche is meaningful. I think I'm doing okay with this.

Each character, just like each person in real life, sees themselves as the lead role. Now this is something I really agree with and am striving to do. While not every character should steal the spotlight off the Main Character, they shouldn't be self-conscious about it. It isn't as if the Main Character normally has a sign over their forehead. Well, okay, in fantasy there's normally a birthmark or some-such that says they're the Chosen One and others should get out of the way in fantasy but that doesn't mean they will.

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