Monday, March 29, 2010

Writing Exercise: Body Language Descriptions

I found some old notes from when I decided to jot down some relatively colorful descriptions of body language witnessed at a training session a few years ago. Exercises like this really helped me hone my descriptive skills and I should probably do it again at some point in the near future. All you need is a pen, a piece of paper, and a way to nonchalantly scribble down notes without anyone getting suspicious of you.

I focused on their gestures and descriptions. As this was an exercise in noting body language, and not in writing descriptions, they're not very well-written.

So, excuses aside, here's what I had jotted down:

A haggard woman whose eyes were fixed on a point somewhere between her and her desk.

Four fingers dug into his lips as he strained forward to listen.

A middle-aged woman, soft in flesh and in voice, led the conversation.

A blonde woman, chin resting on her knuckles, nods along with the speaker.

His beard was several shades of gray paler than his hair. His blue eyes glanced from book to speaker from behind wire-framed glasses.

Arms crossed, head slowly nodding, eyes glazed from behind her glasses, she watched the speaker.

A woman who looked like she should still be in high school leans forward over her notes.

Arms crossed, leaning back, head cocked, yet so aware of his surroundings that he looks at me when I glance at him.

Lips pursed against the flavor of the cheap coffee.

Arms crossed, lips slightly parted, she rubs at her eye, listens, head cocked, clutching her paper.

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