Friday, July 23, 2010

The Envy Bug

I've gotta admit that I'm quite envious of all those people who have 100+ Followers lurking on their pages. I'm not sure why. I'm sure I'd feel self-conscious about my work if I had a bigger audience. Well, okay, I am a bit of a prima donna (years in a youth theatre will do that to you) but I'm sure that I would at least be forced to edit. And worry about pacing myself so that I've got enough free space in my head left to make more posts.

Of course, I'd have to say that my cardinal sin is Envy. Fairly feline in that respect. It's primarily Attention that I envy. Attention and people socializing without me. Very much the only child that I used to be for 10 years before my little sister came along.

On the plus side, I can put thoroughly non-productive posts up about twine and not worry too much about irritating massive amounts of people.

So, what's your favourite? Twine or wool? And why?


  1. Twine, wool makes me itch. :)

    Shannon, I was just perusing your last several posts, you have a great blog. My follower count started going up when I ventured out to read and follow other bloggers. I've made friends in the blogging world who comfort me when I'm down and cheer with me when I'm happy. And they share awesome advice, lessons, contacts, etc.

    Don't forget to comment. When someone visits my blog and comments and/or follows I ALWAYS go to theirs and follow them, too. I started doing that a few months ago when I had about 20 followers, most of whom were not writers and NEVER commented, they just read and left. Which was okay but, come on, we thrive on conversation and comments make us/me feel validated.

    Another great way to meet other writers and get new followers is to participate in blogfests. If you'll find WriteRunner's icon on my sidebar, he has all the blogfests listed on his blog. I know there is a Milestones fest on the 31st, hosted by Donna Hole. That is on my sidebar.

    My follower count is at 111 and has begun to grow organically, going up by one or two or several each week now. Anyway, there you have it. Do this and your count will grow.

    ~that rebel, Olivia

  2. Hey Olivia, thanks for all the friendly advice. I'm not actually down in the dumps about it. In some ways, it's a relief to have a place to rant and lodge all my thoughts without worrying about 100 people's views on it! I try to comment on the blogs I visit but I can't always come up with something witty.