Thursday, July 8, 2010

Writing In the Crosshairs blog

Again I've been cruising around and again I've found a really neat blog. This one includes sample writing that is drop-dead gorgeous and some very thought-provoking posts. The one I'm linking you to right now follows the theme of world building (vaguely - it's more about characterization) that I've been focusing on. The blog post title is: Is Your Novel Real? and it discusses the various facets that makes your novel feel real. If your novel doesn't feel real, than the reader is going to have a tough time connecting with it. I think it's an awesome read and I also believe this blog is one worth watching.


  1. Thank you very much for the shout out, Shannon. It means more than my words can convey.

    I have a Master's in Psychology. I worked for a time as a counselor until my mother developed cancer and needed me to have an understanding boss to O.K. trips with her to the hospitals.

    I figured I could be very understanding to me, so I emptied my savings and opened up my own bookstore. Instant bio.

    Thanks for saying my blog is one worth watching. Good luck with your world building. If you need help, just email me or write me at my blog. Roland

  2. I put a shout out of your own blog under the music video of Amanda Carr in my latest post. Hope it brings you a few visitors. Roland

  3. I will click over and check it out...

  4. Shannon, just dropped in to say Roland rocks. I found his blog a few months ago and Learn something new from him every day.

    ~That Rebel, Olivia

  5. Roland most certainly does rock. Love his style!