Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Random tangent on greedy bodies

I’ve noticed that the body can be as greedy as the mind. Where once an unhealthy person craved doughnuts for the mind-pleasing taste, a healthy person has to deal with cravings for more water, better quality sleep, and less toxins. Every time I try for a more balanced lifestyle, my body starts to loom over me like a Mafia Don. I used to get by with nothing more than the odd glass of water and the fluid from my food. Now my body wants at least 2 glasses of water a day or it complains by making me feel thirsty. It’s as though it once thought a drought was on, so it behaved, but now realizing the rain has come it’s decided to strong arm me into obeying.

If I fix my sleeping patterns, my body will point out my tiredness signals instead of smothering them. If I eat a whole berlina, even the really jam-filled part of the bun, then I’ll feel a bit queasy from the crazy levels of sugar that my body is no longer used to. This is the one aspect of healthy living that nobody ever tells you about. Eat well, live well, and your body becomes a prissy princess that won’t shut up about your body’s needs. I guess it means I’m growing more in touch with my body, but damn it, I didn’t know my body was such a nag!

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