Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Dreaded Question

Who is my Target Audience? How does anyone figure that out? I mean, really? I know some people sit down and they build up this picture of who it might be but what do you judge that on? I suppose my target audience is ... me? My critters? People who read fantasy? I really couldn't get more specific than that though I know I would like to. I guess teenagers would probably like it because the protagonist isn't sure if he's a good / bad person and that always seems to be a big deal when your hormones are racing, you don't know who you are, and you feel like you're drowning. But then again, I could be wrong.

Do you know who your target audience is?

And if so, who are they?


  1. Shannon, this is a really good question and dreaded as you put it. Before I even read your second line; I asked myself "who is my target audience?" The answer that popped into my head before my brain allowed me to edit it, was: "Me." My second thought was, "but of course I could never really say or write that." Then I read your post and laughed.

    The truth is, I don't know, but if I hope to ever sell any books after published; I better figure it out, huh? Truthfully, I suppose my targeted audience should be someone like me. At a minimum, someone who likes to read the types of thrillers and mysteries that I enjoy reading. I am unpublished and thus far I write the same kind of books I would want to buy and read. So, how else do I define my target audience. I hope to find more answers as you get more comments. Great post.

  2. Yeah, my trouble is that I don't know how to define a 'Me'. I guess people who are interested in psychology because I try (emphasis on the try) to delve deeply into the psychology of identity. At the very least, I try to hook into the voyeuristic side of people - I want to show them parts of people and places that they couldn't otherwise see. Again that word ... try. Can't wait until I can replace that with 'do' or better yet, 'have'. :D