Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Guest Blog: Obsessive Love

Well, I did my very first genuine Guest Blog over at the Character Therapist so if you're interested in the various issues surrounding Obsessive Love, why not mosey on down there and take a look at the article?

So, I've done Love. What should the next thing be on my agenda?


  1. Thanks Shannon, that was a great post on Obsessive Love. And I've enjoyed reading your blog, too. (At first the talk of cold and darkness surprised me but when I realized where you're from it made perfect sense! :)

  2. Discovered your blog because of this guest post. Glad I did. Very interesting stuff to read! And now I'm following. :)

    Scribbler to Scribe

  3. Yes, it is quite cold in Australia at the moment. For some reason, it's August, and well past Midwinter and yet its colder now than in July!

    Glad people liked the Obsessive Love post. I tend to like writing my protagonists into obsessive love one way or another. It's screwed up but in a very pitiable way.