Monday, August 2, 2010

*sigh* Editing *sigh*

I guess I should get back to editing ... maybe ... No, I probably should ... there's not much on the Interwebs at the moment anyway ... but I've been editing for MONTHS already ... how is it not done yet? I swear, I feel like those stereotypical kids in that stereotypical car on that stereotypical journey.

Are we there yet?

Not yet.

*grumble, mumble*

Anyone else get like this?


  1. Totally get this.
    It feels to me like the writing part is actually the fast part. Editing takes forever and no matter how well I think I've gone over a particular project, every time I read through it again, I find myself changing little things.

  2. *crosses arms over chest*

    Me hates it! Hates it! Hates it!