Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nanowrimo Plan

Well, I've been knocking my head against the brick wall that is editing The Butterfly Lady and reached a crisis point of: This book is so OMG boring I just can't stand reading it another second all I see is issues bwahhh! So I'm thinking I may have over-edited it. I may have over-read it. I may, in short, after six months, need to take a step back, have a sit down, draw a few deep breaths, and GO DO SOMETHING ELSE FOR A CHANGE.

So I've figured I'll throw my hat into the Nanowrimo ring. I'll do a bit more editing/writing to get the novel to the new ending that I think it needs and I'll take October to do that. Then in November I'm going to totally take a look around and start seeing other novels.

I'm currently tossing up between:

An Inquirer (think police detective meets KGB) in a fantasy-land city starts investigating a simple homicide and ends up caught between a war between two Noble Houses.


A Librarian whose role it is to gather, remember, and teach information in the largely illiterate lands of the Ihlander Salt Plains (think post-apocalyptic fantasy land) tries to keep peace between warring tribes of orcs, deal with raiders, and discover why a mysterious oasis has re-appeared and what happened to its original inhabitants.

So ... Fantasyland Conspiracy plot or Fantasyland Post-Apocalyptic Mystery.

Hmm... Any thoughts? And is anyone else doing Nanowrimo?


  1. I'm not doing nanowrimo - I think I'm already spending too much time writing - if you can believe that.
    Sounds like you have some fun projects in the works. The BEST thing is to just distance yourself from the project. I've done that and then gone back and really loved what was there. If you don't, at least it was good practice :)

  2. Sometimes it's good to distance yourself from whatever project you're having trouble with and then coming back to it with a fresh mind. And, both of those ideas sound great - I especially like the sounds of the one with the librarian. :)

  3. Tee hee hee! Yeah, the librarian plot really tickles my fancy. I don't think anyone's down a fantasy anthropologist-type character before - or if they have, it's not a very common role!

  4. I'd go the Inquirer. Maybe that's just because I'm reading A Game of Thrones at the moment.