Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Writer's Digest Guide to Science Fiction & Fantasy

I have found very few how-to-write books purely on fantasy and few of those have been as useful to me and as inspiring as this one. It even breaks down the rules of some of those medieval institutions upon which so many fantasy novels rely - manoralism, feudalism, etc. A very cool read.

Thus quototh the book: 'In fantasy, more than in any other form of fiction, the reader must feel transported to the world being created, while at the same time readily comprehending what it is he is experiencing. When an otherworldly character is introduced, the reader must be made to see the differences, but must recognise the similarities as well. Dtails ground the story's larger images and keep the reader engaged'.

I thoroughly recommend this work.


  1. I once had a book by Dean Koontz on how to write all forms of genre. And your post sounded amazingly like some of what he wrote for the framework for fantasy.

    Being a harried blood courier, I don't get to visit my friends as much as I would like. To help me keep in touch with your posts, I'm adding you to my blog list.

    Have a great Sunday. I'm working alone and on-call tomorrow. Wish me luck. Roland