Friday, June 11, 2010

The Bookshelf Muse blog

Well, I'm a chatty monkey this week. I guess I can blame the influenza for that. My poor volunteers are going to have to co-ordinate themselves for now... Anywho, the purpose of this post is to draw your eye to a really nice blog's idea. Angela Ackerman, of The Bookshelf Muse, who has the really good idea of doing up a Setting Description Thesaurus. What she has done is taken a location, such as an Emergency Room, and listed a few dozen different descriptions that can fall into each one of the five sense categories, making it easier for folk to paint a picture - even if they've never been there!

I think it's a wonderful idea. In future, when I'm not so darn sick, I'll probably do a few myself to add to my bulging folder of Curse of the Rose world-building stuff. If it works for real life, why not fantasy as well?

She also has Emotion Thesaurus, Symbol Thesaurus, and other interesting stuff. So take a look.


  1. Thanks for mentioning The Bookshelf Muse. I'm glad the setting Thesaurus is helping you with your 5 senses description. :)


  2. No problem. I've been going through a lot of blogs recently (the joys of influenza gives me time) and I've found your blog so interesting I stopped reading and put it aside for now. I'll read it again when I have a clearer head so I can have a good, long read and act on some of the inspiration as it happens. A blog like that, with that kind of value, really deserved its own post so it was only natural that I'd mention it here. At the very least, writing a post about it helped etch it into my so often befuddled mind.

    By the way, did you go to the locations for the 5 Senses Description or just use your imagination?

  3. Most I've experienced, but some I need to do a lot of research on before writing. A few I've had experts look at to make sure my facts are right (like the house fire one).

  4. Ooh, house fire... I'd better dash over to your blog and take a look at that.