Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Character Therapist looks at The Butterfly Lady

Well, after seeing Jeannie Campbell's wonderful blog, I couldn't help myself. I just had to submit details on one of my own characters. Now if you've come from the far-flung future where I have published The Butterfly Lady, you might not want to track down the post and read it as it has horrific levels of spoilers for the entire first book. If you're dying of curiosity, future-readers (c'mon, let me dream), then go purchase the future-published-book and THEN read it.

For people from my unfortunately unpublished present, go and take a look. She's got a very interesting way of looking at the character which I like very much. It has also helped simply to write out the character's history and see just how much trauma I've put him through so far.... I am a terrible, terrible person.
If 'Justin' ever comes to life, he will hunt me to my dying days.

Until then, though, so long! Back to work.


  1. thanks for this post. :)

    i've got another post up for Thursday that will interest wanted a post on parentified children and you got it! hope to see you over at the character therapist!


  2. Sweet! Thank you. I found that very interesting and informative. I'd never even heard of it until you mentioned it on your blog.