Saturday, June 19, 2010

Discerning culture to discern motivation

Well. I just got a rather clever crit that pointed out something I hadn't noticed beforehand. Inconsistent motivation ... inconsistent behavior ... who is this nurse, anyway? What is she after? What is she doing? I'm lucky enough that the critter has enough confidence in me to assume that I knew all of the answers and simply hadn't revealed enough through the writing.

Er, thanks for the compliment, but ... no.

No, I just realized that I had never sat down and really tried to get inside her head. I have been guilty of letting a vitally important character fall into the role of cipher. A simple series of plot points ... a convenient enabler for my plot. This isn't far for her because I know she has far more depth than I have given her credit for.

I could simply interview her character or perhaps daydream about her. Who was she? Where did she come from? Just by vaguely trying to tap into her I see that she has a sister she left behind who was overtaken by the salts. I see that she has been betrayed before. I can't see anything more than that.

I think I need to go back further than simply understanding her, however. She isn't human. She comes from an entirely different culture, a whole other worldview, and I wouldn't be doing her credit if I examined her answers through character interviewing through the lens of just another Realms human.

To understand the sidhe, I will have to go back further, though. I will have to start at the beginning of the world's history and work my way down. Thus, from now on, I will have installments on world building as I take us both on a journey to the sidhe mentality.

Are you ready and willing to come with me?

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